Aluminator Photoluminescent Nosing

Innovative Eco Product

  • Energy efficient - Solar powered renewable energy

  • Up to 30 minutes solar charge can provide over 8 hours of illumination
  • Easy to install - No need for electrical installation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • R13 slip resistance when used with Genesis silicone carbide insert
  • Compatible with all Genesis single channel Heavy duty nosings
  • Wide range of colour infills available
  • DDA range available


In addition to the function of step edge protection the Aluminatortm range offers an easy, energy efficient way to illuminate steps.

Should a local or emergency power failure occure on stairways, increasing the risk of hazard for evacuees, the Aluminatortm system allows the evacuee to orientate, locate stair edges and risers, and so assist in the safe evacuation of the premises.

The system requires no electrical connection, is simple to install and requires no special maintenance other than that which you normally carry out on any similer product. Only normal illumination, daylight, fluorescent or standard tungsten filaments are required to activate it's performance.

The diverse range can be used on wide variety of substrates such as concrete, vinyl, tiles, timber, steel and checker plate with inserts available in a wide array of colours promoting the visibility while complimenting the aesthetics.