Alu/Stainless Dione

Dione profiles are manufactured by DUURI OY 

Helsinki Finland


New aluminium profiles coated with genuine stainless steel

Duuri Oy has developed a new, patented production method for stainless steel coated aluminium profiles. Thanks to the composite structure of the materials, it is now possible to manufacture more versatile and elegant stainless steel profiles than ever before. In comparison to traditional profiles the unique material combination of the Alu Stainless products ensures versatile formatting options as well as excellent cost-efficiency and a stylish outlook. The lightweight Alu Stainless profiles are easily workable and their thick structure also makes the profiles more resistant to wear and tear. The products are also available with nail plug fastening for an extremely firm hold.

The products listed below are only a small insight to the unique dione profiles range that are available at

Floor and Wall Solutions in the UK

For the complete Dione range please visit DUURI OY and feel free to contact them direct.